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Do you want to find out if you're exam day ready? Sign up now on our 1:1 Last Minute Review Preparation

Are you a nurse practitioner preparing for your certification exam? Do you want to simulate your exam day experience and determine your readiness before taking the test? Then, look no further than our 1:1 session!


  • When you sign up for our 1:1 session, you will be paired with our expert mentor success team member or Dr. Peter Morante, who will meet with you on Zoom. During this meeting, you will be quizzed on particular topics or at random to simulate your exam day experience. At the end of your session, you will be informed whether you are ready to test.

    If you aren't quite ready yet, don't worry! Our team will give you a game plan for moving forward and reorganizing your studying process for success. We've completed thousands of these 1:1 sessions for our live master class students, and they've proven to be an effective tool for determining readiness and increasing confidence!

    Please note that we only have a limited number of public spots each month, so act fast to secure your spot. To view the currently available dates, click the link below. If no dates are listed, this month has sold out.

    Do not purchase these sessions if you intend to or have already enrolled in the live study group program. These sessions are offered at a highly reduced rate to live master-class students.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to increase your confidence and achieve exam success - sign up for our 1:1 session today!



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* Last-minute review sessions are paid one time and can be rescheduled but are non-refundable.

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